We are an award winning digital agency that helps brands to find the right hook and deliver the ultimate campaign sinker. We provide Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising and Social Media in a fun and integrated approach to some of the world’s biggest power brands across Africa, Middle East, Europe and USA.
Hook, Line & Sinker


Social is not just Twitter and Facebook, etc. Social is a language, and it’s our favourite!
But first we start with a dollop of inspiration - the most important part of our digital strategy equation

We create content
to tell your story


We select the right platforms
to convey your message


Together we create the
ultimate campaign sinker

Meet the Family

Team of Creatives

We're a close team of creatives, designers & developers who work together to create beautiful & engaging story telling experiences
Meet the Team
Hook, Line & Sinker


Our story

In Ten Seconds

HLS is the new digital agency on the block. Our team is young, hip and we love everything digital. We are not your ordinary 90’s PR press release / red carpet events agency. Times have changed, the media landscape has evolved, and so has the way we market brands and engage audiences. We love creativity and we embrace diversity - anything goes from tats and office dog mascots to doc martins, (just no crocs please).

Different in size, shape, industry and business maturity, all HLS clients are different. However, they all have one common attribute: they seek a creative story hook.

This hook is what drives them forward to achieve growth, change, excellence in their markets and meaningful connections with their staff, media, influencers and customers. The result, aka Sinker? Powerful brands that are respected and admired.

HLS provides communications services across paid, owned, earned and shared platforms through a simple 3 step process:

  • Creative content: Hook
  • Selection and development of the best platforms to convey your campaign: Line
  • Delivery of positive campaign outcomes: the Sinker
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